The South Florida Winter Guard Association is a membership organization chartered as a Not-for-Profit Corporation under the laws of the State of Florida, and a 501(c)3 public charity under the Internal Revenue Service code. The principle address is PO Box 773413, Coral Springs FL 33077.
Intellectual Property Rights
Author of the website design is Gene Remillet. Author of contents appearing on this site is the South Florida Winter Guard Association Inc, unless otherwise noted. No portion of this website, in part or in whole, may be reproduced or distributed in any manner without express prior permission. "SFWGA" and the red box logo are trademarks of the South Florida Winter Guard Association Inc.
Event Promoter
The SFWGA is the Event Promoter of color guard contests and manages the marketing, administration, and adjudication of contests for its membership. The SFWGA does not own, lease, or manage the venues in which contests occur, and is not involved in the production, design, or performance of any participating ensemble. The SFWGA is not a business partner of any organization or company which may also be present at contest sites. The SFWGA makes no claim as to the suitabililty of any performance for a particular age or demographic group, nor the merchantability of any product or service sold at a contest site for any particular purpose.
Contest Admission
All contest admissions are sold as general admission without regard to any particular performance. The SFWGA makes no guarantee or claim that any particular ensemble(s) will appear at a contest, nor that any ticket holder will witness a particular performance. Performance schedules are posted on this website as a convenience to participants and spectators. The SFWGA retains full rights to modify any schedule it has posted, at any time, and without prior notice. In accordance with Florida Statute FS 548.037, the SFWGA may order the discontinuance of ticket sales when no further seating is available, and may resume ticket sales if seating becomes available. The SFWGA may cancel or discontinue any contest at its sole descretion, if it deems the safety of performers, staff, or spectators is in jeopardy, the hosting school or organization fails to comply with any term of their host agreement, there are not enough participants to make the contest economically feasible. or for any other reason it deems to be in the best interests of the organization and its membership.
Music Permissions
US Copyright laws guarantee that music composers, artists, and publishers have the exclusive rights to control when and how their creations are used and performed. The SFWGA holds competition and performance licenses from ASCAP and BMI that encompass all musical works in their respective repertoires, and pays royalties to both organizations for the use of their music in our contests. Music that is not administered by ASCAP or BMI cannot be performed or played at an SFWGA contest.
Photography and Video
Still photography from spectator viewing areas using only ambient light is permitted at SFWGA events. However, flash photography poses a danger to performers and may result in their physical injury. Flash photography is not permitted at any time while a performance is underway. Photographs of performers, performances, or taken anywhere inside a contest venue may not be made available for sale without prior permission from the SFWGA. Video recordings of any performance that include the music track are violations of US Copyright laws, and are not permitted. Each performing ensemble may designate one person to video-record only their own performance for instructional and design analysis. No other video recording is permitted inside the contest area, including video cameras, cell phone video, laptop, tablet, or any other digital or analog video medium.
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